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Just pick the system for your needs on our website and fill the form with your data. After the data submission, we will contact you for order confirmation.
Delivery time for Smart START and Smart PRO packages is 10 working days, and for Smart FERT 40 working days from the date of payment.
No, Smart Watering controler communicates with the mobile app using GPRS modem which is located on the controller. You need to insert the internet SIM card in the controller, and the controller will connect to the internet.
You need to have irrigation system installed ( pump, pipes and plumbing installation ) and mobile network coverage. After that you need to install Smart Watering controller and sensors, and the final step is installing Smart Watering app on your mobile phone.
Smart Watering benefits : 1. You do not need to be present at the parcel 2. Time saving 3. Money saving - no need for gas 4. Money saving - offloads workforce 5. Up to 30% less water consumption when using smart irrigation 6. Increased yield and better quality of fruit
Our systems are installed on parcels from 20a to 350ha and the limitations in the field size do not exist.
In the price it is included : one-time cost of getting the controler and the equipment which is setup on your parcel and the price varies from package to package. Also, on monthly or yearly base there is a subscription charge for using the Smart Watering app which also varies from package to package.


We charge subscription as a licence for usage of Smart Watering application, and we include the costs of servers and software maintenance and updates.
Besides the Smart Watering controller it is required to install a flowmeter, which gives you information if the water is flowing through the system at any moment, and also grants us the possibility to recognise any malfunction or pipe bursts. If there is any problem detected, you will get a notification on your phone telling you that you should check the state on your parcel.
In our application you can set as many different programs and regimes of irrigation as you like.
You can access the application using unlimited number of devices, using only your user account.
We use Open Weather API for displaying the weather data from the closest local meteorological station to your parcel.
If you have 4 irrigation zones and you set up cyclical irrigation, that means that the system will irrigate zone 1 first, for the time you set in the app. After finishing zone 1 irrigation, irrigation of zone 2 starts, and so on, until all of the zones are irrigated.
Term smart watering means that your crop will always have the optimal soil moisture. You will irrigate only when needed, you will save time, water and workforce, and will not have to worry if you irrigated the plants in the proper amount. We achieve all of this with very precise soil moisture measurements using sensors, while the application makes sure that the crops get the right amount of water.
No. Application and the controller are here to make the job easier for you, and give you real insight on the current state when you are not present on the parcel. If there is any malfunction with the equipment, pipe blows etc, the application will notify you of a such problem, but you will have to get on the parcel, check the state and fix the problems if needed.