Milana Pejnović
Milana Pejnović

Milana was born on 10.4.1995. She completed her elementary school in Belgrade, as well as the Ruđer Bošković High School, where she attended internationally recognized English language programs (IGCSE and IB programs). In the first and second grades of high school, she simultaneously attended classes in Serbian, and holds certificates in Serbian. In elementary school, she was awarded a Vuk diploma and competed in English and Serbian.
She graduated first in a generation at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade in 2018. She completed her general management major. In the third and fourth years, the faculty competed in solving a business case study in the Case Study Show as well as in one local competition organized by the Case Club in English.
She attended Master studies at the Middlesex University of London in the field of International business.
He speaks English (C2 level) and German (B2 / C1 level) and knows computer skills. He holds a Cambridge Proficiency Certificate in English as well as a TOEFL Certificate. It is certified for project management by the international organization IPMA.