5 Actionable Steps for Upselling Precision Irrigation Systems

Over 80% of buyers claim they’ve agreed to meet with a sales representative after a cold call, even if there was more communication after the initial contact.

However, not everyone who accepts a meeting with you will buy your product. But those who meet with you are your golden mine, as they might buy more than they thought they would.

Upselling is almost 70% more affordable than trying to sell to a new customer, so brushing up on your upselling skills could ensure that your cold calls are worth your time. In this article, we’re sharing five actionable tips that can help you upsell your precision irrigation systems.

Upselling is more affordable than cold-calling new customers

1. Play the customers’ emotions

Almost 100% of our purchasing decisions are affected by our subconscious mind. Emotions play a significant role in these decisions, so it’s not surprising that marketing tactics often involve evoking specific feelings in customers to prompt them to buy products and services.

For example, farmers may be worried about the upcoming cold season, when their irrigation system may be at risk of freezing if temperatures drop too low. You can take this opportunity to offer them freeze sensors, too, which will ensure their system doesn’t break by automatically turning it off.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) can also be good motivation to buy an additional product. If you offer a limited time sale or provide statistics on how many fellow farmers already use a specific technology to improve their crops, they may be willing to try that product, too.

Not everything needs to be about fear, though. If you want to sell a mobile app that helps the farmer control their precision irrigation system remotely, remind them that it gives them more time to spend with their beloved ones, or focusing on their other hobbies.

2. Encourage sales by offering discounts and referral programs

If you want to upsell precision irrigation systems, offering a discount is a great idea. You can choose to provide a deal when the customer buys two or more products. Furthermore, you can give free shipping if the total price reaches a certain threshold.

People usually do want to buy more, but the decision to spend more of their hard-earned money isn’t easy to make. If you present them with a discount and offer clear value in exchange for their investment, they may be willing to pay for another product.

Another way to attract new customers while upselling precision irrigation systems are referral programs. When a customer recommends you to a friend or an acquaintance, they should receive a particular treatment. The circle will enlarge in this way, as they will recommend you to other friends and acquaintances.

Offering a good deal for customers who buy more than one product can be an efficient incentive.

3. Offer the right product at the right time

Even if your customer needs another product from you and the benefits of using it are clear, they may hesitate if you offer it too early. If you’ve just started gaining a farmer’s trust, let them try the product they’ve just bought and see for themselves that it truly generates results.

Reach out after a while and give them an opportunity to share what they achieved–use that particular moment when they’re feeling excited to offer an add-on that helps them achieve even more, or make their job even easier.

Pairing up your products the right way also matters. Offering freeze or wind sensors won’t make sense for every orchard or climate, so make sure the additional product you’re offering clearly adds value to the customer’s initial purchase.

If you visit your customers’ orchards regularly, you can get a good sense of what else farmers might need to ensure the best quality crops.

4. Optimize website to upsell precision irrigation systems with ease

A high-quality, easy-to-navigate website is sometimes the only tool you will need to upsell precision irrigation systems. Here are a few valuable ideas of what your website should contain to improve precision irrigation sales.

  • Display products based on customer’s preference – Listening to your customer has another advantage. When you know what else they need, you can choose to display the right products.
  • Use product suggestion option – Another fantastic tool for upselling your irrigation systems and related product suggestions. When customers decide to buy a product, they may be unaware that another product would be a perfect add-on. Large companies such as Amazon already use this feature, and they have mastered the art of upselling.

    5. Educate customers

The field of precision irrigation and the use of smart irrigation systems and AI in agriculture, is relatively new, and it is rapidly evolving. Therefore, it is vital to educate your customers on the benefits of precision irrigation systems. By providing farmers with enough information, you gain their trust and increase your chances of selling–and upselling.

Here are a few examples of how to do this.

  • Brochures and leaflets – Write about your products and the benefits of the precision education system. Don’t forget to include success stories of your old customers. Hand out these brochures to farmers.
  • Excellent customer service – When customers come to you with a problem, it is a perfect opportunity to offer a product that will solve and prevent problems in the future. Almost 60% of people will leave a brand if they receive poor customer care, so your customer service representative must have extensive knowledge of precision irrigation systems and great patience and empathy to serve the customers well.
Enrich your offer with new products that farmers will benefit from in the near future.

Grow your loyal customer base with upselling

Upselling is about selling your products to those who already trust you, but also about helping them generate better results. By broadening the range of products your customers have experience with, you build a loyal customer base who will be happy to refer new clients and help you grow your irrigation business.

Smart Watering offers cloud-connected hardware that enables your customers to automate irrigation and fertilization, which saves a lot of money and effort while ensuring optimal yields.

Want to know more about how our system can enrich your offer and attract more customers? Reach out today and schedule a talk with our experts!

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