delta agrar smart watering biosens institute have created an algorithm for daily irrigation recommendations

Update 2022: Daily irrigation recommendations within the Smart Watering app!

This project is sponsored by The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

As a young AgTech company, we rely on feedback from our customers. Regardless of the ideas we have, we always validate new functionalities with farmers and learn more about necessary adjustments along the way.

Agriculture is traditionally a close-knit industry and involves a huge level of responsibility. Every decision you make for your field, it has to be well thought out.

The large number of ideas we collect from the field, we test them with corporations that have enough resources to test new technologies. After collaborations with bigger companies, we bring tried and tested to smaller farmers and agripreneurs. Having results and crunched numbers helps us all stay on the same page and build trust.

“It would be great if we could get recommendations together with data from sensors”

The general direction of our product development has always been to provide farmers with valuable data and insights. At every moment, you should have maximum control, be able to make better decisions, and save both money and time.

Our sensors send the parameters to the phone app, while you use the app to turn on/off and automate the drip irrigation system.

However, a while ago our users asked us if they could get direct irrigation recommendations based on the data they receive. The reason for this request is actually quite intuitive:

– Smaller agripreneurs and farms receive the data about the soil and moisture, but they still have to take some time to track them and decide the right course of action. Sometimes that’s not so simple, especially if this is your first time running a farm and producing crops and fruits.

– Tracking the data is a problem in bigger organizations, too. Daily tasks sometimes overwhelm agricultural experts, and it’s difficult at all to hire more professionals. The soil moisture is constantly changing. The staff has to monitor big fields and although we make huge savings in labor, time, and water, it still takes so much time to make so many decisions.

After having talked to our customers, we knew the simple information, such as soil moisture or pH value, is no longer enough. You need a direct insight on what you should actually do with that.

This gave birth to an algorithm that uses the collected data and hands out daily irrigation and fertigation recommendations. This also means you don’t have to be an expert to understand the sensor data.

daily irrigation reccomendations features

Smart Watering app now delivers daily irrigation recommendations based on data from the sensors!

We developed the algorithm for daily recommendations in cooperation with scientist from the BioSens Institute, orchardists from the company Delta Agrar, and consultants and agricultural engineers who oversee blueberry production on a large scale (over 100 ha).

– Based on sensor data, the algorithm provides you with analysis and hands out irrigation recommendations. You no longer need to waste any time on data interpretation.

– The system has been tested in the apple, blueberry, and hazelnut orchards.

– Daily recommendations include information about the ideal time to irrigate, as well as the ideal amount of water.

– This means that now on your phone, you have directly applicable insights in real time. You can use them right away in your orchard to optimize the drip irrigation system.

We’ve been working on developing this feature for two years and now it’s finally ready to be released. If you wish to test the functionality before everyone else, send us an email.

Reduce irrigation and fertigation costs by 30% and increase yield by 10% with Smart Watering Daily Recommendations!

reduction of irrigation costs by 30% and increase of yield by 10%

Our studies show our algorithm helps you save 30% of costs of irrigation and fertigation, while increasing your yield by 10%. At the first glance, it might sound too good to be true, but these are the real data we’ve gotten after having done the field tests with corporations and agriculture specialists.

Crops that get irrigation when they need it, in the amount they need it, generate bigger yield. When you optimize irrigation and fertigation, you reduce the related costs. No waste of resources.

For example, the MK Group used the Smart Watering system to increase the corn production and yield x2!

Delta Agrar used 17% less water yearly just by automating drip irrigation with Smart Watering. 

With our system of daily irrigation and fertigation recommendations, you can quickly achieve desired results – aside from those you already achieve through the standard Smart Watering.

We updated the whole Smart Watering series of products, too

Of course, we use feedback to improve the existing products, too. Here are all the updates at one place.

– We improved the moisture analytics and added moisture limits on graphs inside the app. These help you recognize easier whether you need to increase or decrease irrigation. You’ll be able to react in time and double-check the advice you get from daily recommendations – no guesswork.

irrigation and moisture limits graph

– We improved the in-app navigation. The functionalities are more simple now; we reduced the number of clicks you need to do most things and now you can access data more quickly.

moisture level on mobile screen and new functionalities

– The admin menu for Smart Watering irrigation system distributors and third party sellers has also been improved. Now you have a more clear view of all the devices your users own and use. It’s easier to set them up remotely. This means you can provide a better service to your customers and increase their overall satisfaction with the service.

– We made the second generation of the Smart SENSE measuring stations. They have a Li-Ion battery now, are more efficient and support additional sensors – moisture, temperature, EC in soil and substrate in 6 depth levels, pH value of soil and substrate, speed and direction of wind, air temperature and humidity, and frost.

– Improved history and current water consumption dashboard, as well as the view of irrigation parameters. You’ll have a good overview of the season and the changes that happened from the moment you started using the system. This makes budgeting-related decision making easier.

We value your feedback. That’s how we make better and more useful AgTech software.

You’ll soon be able to test our algorithm in real time. If you wish to find out more about the free trial period, contact us right away.

If you have more suggestions on making Smart Watering a more practical solution for your orchard, call us today. We’ll happily jump on a quick video call, bring some agricultural insights to the table, and discuss the potential of a bigger yield on your farm… Or even visit you in person if possible or needed!

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